Colkeririn Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Quality Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Derbyshire, E​ngland


Colkeririn Rhodesian Ridgebacks are given a level tablespoon of Coconoil a day (puppies less, dependent on age and weight). We discovered Coconoil in 2015 after searching for a high quality supplement to add to the dog's raw diet and after researching and trying the brand, we liked everything about the product, people and company, so much so, we are now a trusted distributor!

There are now many coconut oils available, but there are certain things you should look out for before you buy…

Buy virgin, but not ‘extra’ virgin coconut oil - if a coconut oil is called a ‘virgin coconut oil’ it should always contain at least 45% lauric acid (still check the label though). This is a type of fatty acid and is responsible for many of coconut oil’s purported benefits. ‘Extra’ doesn’t mean anything in the coconut oil world so don’t be fooled into spending more money for the term.

Look for ‘cold pressed’ oils – heating coconut oil up can be detrimental to the taste, quality and health benefits of virgin coconut oil. ‘Cold pressing’ literally means just that, pressing the oil out of

the coconut flesh, which means it stays in its most natural form.

Picked, packed and pressed at source – this might not mean that the health benefits for your dog are any better, but it will mean more income goes to the local people, often in poverty stricken countries, who grow the coconuts and produce the oil.

Coconoil is not only a high quality, virgin coconut oil that is cold pressed and picked, pressed and packed at source, but the brand was set up after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami as a way to help rebuild the livelihoods of Sri Lankan farmers. Today Coconoil helps keep over 200 Sri Lankans in employment and has just started a new project with 200 smallholders from five villages in Ghana, and hope in the future they can replicate some of the

success they have seen in Sri Lanka and help to create new jobs and income streams for those involved.

If you would like to purchase Coconoil from us, we sell 460g Jars of Organic Coconoil for £9.50. Please email us through our Contact Us page for more information.